Physiotherapy - Principal physiotherapist

A physiotherapist with significant experience

Physiotherapy - Senior physiotherapist

Physiotherapists with extensive experience and have completed post-graduate studies focusing on specific areas of the body

Physiotherapy - Pelvic Floor Assessment

Book a pelvic floor assessment with our specially trained physiotherapist. This may involve real-time ultrasound or internal assessments as required

Physiotherapy - Pre Pointe Assessment

Book in for your pre pointe assessment with our very experienced dance physiotherapist


Massage Therapy

Clinical Pilates

A Clinical Pilates session that is conducted by a physiotherapist trained in Pilates

Supervised exercise classes

Supervised exercise classes focused on individual needs

Personal Training session hosted by a physiotherapist

A personal training session focused on your individual needs held by a qualified physiotherapist

Posture/Sports Performance Program

A supervised exercise program specifically for young athletes which is tailored to their sports and individual needs

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